Flotsam and Jetsam, 2013, found objects
A Guide to the Mourning Wood, 2013, ink on paper drawing
A Token of my Affliction, 2013, jewel box, plexi, freeze-dried mouse
Anagrams, 2013, ink on paper
Duct, 2013, ice cube, tears
Be a Part of it, 2013, vinyl text
Phenomena Project
Social Progress Through Contemporary Art
Darren Jones

Darren Jones is a Scottish artist currently based in New York. He has represented Scotland at international events including the Queens International at the Queens museum of Art, NY and the Moscow Biennial of Young Art, Russia. Jones is the current artist-in-residence for Phenomena Project. He has exhibited widely in museums and galleries in the United States and internationally. 

His work is concerned witht the ephemera of human experience. His found object installations and sculptures, as well as his text works have a particular romantic and wistful sensibility, often softened by a subtle wit and adroit sense of humor.