Phenomena Project
Social Progress Through Contemporary Art
Ryan Roa

People today are constantly on the move, existing in a time influenced by technology; one of bigger, faster and more.  Western culture is best described by the gas station chain slogan, of Mobil, “on the run”.   Constantly inundated with massive amounts of information, individuals have grown to process information at amazingly high speeds.  Through this constant state of mass organized confusion, I wait for a break in time; a moment of peace, a chance to clear my head and separate society’s agendas from my own.

I am interested in the circular relationship that objects and images have to one another.  Objects resemble and are processed spatially, while images represent and are processed visually.  My work consists of sculptures, installations, images and videos.  My concepts stem from observations of the world around me.  I am constantly scanning my surroundings, fixating on things that seem to be in flux.  My work is energized by ideas of change and conflict, placing an emphasis on the perceptual understanding of everyday things, and how they impact life.